Warren Sprigg

By Warren Sprigg

Touring Australia in 2022: How to Plan Your Next Outback Trip?

When it comes to touring Australia, there’s no better way to discover its true character than touring the outback. After all, the region consumes the largest chunk of the land and spreads itself from red sands to the coastline.

If planning your next outback tour sounds daunting, you need not worry. Once you dig below the surface, you will find it hassle-free to plan your trip to the great Aussie outback. We will help you. Here’s everything you need to know about your next outback adventure.

Why visit?

Whether you want to visit the birthplace of Qantas, have some drinks at the bar where Banjo Paterson first performed Waltzing Matilda, or see the evidence of a dinosaur stampede, the Australian outback is a complete package of history, drama, science and geology.

From never-ending plains to mirage-like national parks to real-life cowboy experiences, there is a lot to explore. For instance, you can seek escapism by touring cattle stations that are larger than some European countries. Interesting; isn’t it?

When to visit?

Try to make it not over summer. This is because the outback is essentially ‘closed’ over the hottest times of the year. The best time to enjoy the beauty of the outback is somewhere between April and October.

Remember, even though these days can be a little scorching, you may find yourself shivering through sub-zero nights. Therefore, pack accordingly. And if it’s your first time, there’s no better touring partner than Atagalong Tours – your perfect partner for 4×4 guided tours.

Where to eat and stay?

While some of the greatest food experiences might come from a campfire, you won’t stay hungry in the outback. From paddock-to-plate cuisine to indigenous coffee, you will find lots of places to wine and dine.

Camping is the best way to stay in the outback, but you can visit restored train carriages, cute cottages and modern motels to rest your head. Also, there are campsites when you can explore off-grid sites, secluded river banks and holiday parks.

What type of car is the best?

Though there are lots of outback road trips done in a regular car or campervan, it’s best to have a 4WD to explore the outback without facing any potential hassle. 4X4 Tag along Tours are one of the best options to choose from since they are reliable when it comes to touring the outback.

They are a trusted partner if you want to tackle some of the famous outback dirt tracks, including the Gibb River Road in the Kimberley region.

What to keep in mind?

When you are touring Australia, safety is a big deal to keep in mind. In the outback, you will need your wits about surviving in the native wildlife. It’s better to not drive between dusk and dawn, especially when locals are most active. Lastly and most vitally, having a UHF radio is a crucial precaution.

Final thoughts

If you’re heading for the great Aussie outback, these are the tips straight from the horse’s mouth. Hope you are ready for your next outback tour. Need more help? Then Atagalong Tours is the name to rely on!