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By Warren Sprigg

Canning Stock Route and Anne Beadell Highway

A vast remote area with wide open spaces far away from urban areas sounds like a perfect Australia vacation; doesn’t it? And what else could be better than touring the electrifying outback which attracts countless tourists each year?

The Aussie outback covers a large portion of Australia and is basically the countryside located hours away from major cities. Still, some cities are close by and make good starting points for adventurous areas of the outback.

Let’s get to know about the two most infamous outback tours of Australia!

Canning Stock Route

Running from Wiluna to Halls Creek, the Canning Stock Route is arguably the most remote track in Australia, which traverses pristine red deserts, rocks and over 700 sand dunes. In fact, it is the longest historic stock route in the world at 1,850 kilometres in length. The Canning stock route is regarded as one of the greatest four-wheel-drive journeys in the world.

There are a total of 51 Wells. A few of them have clean clear drinking water, all are still a must-visit.  The outback tour promises to be a complete adventure even for the most seasoned of contemporary explorers. The majority of the route is owned by the aboriginal people, who are well-known for their sacred locations.

The Canning Stock Route tour is an experience any outback adventurer should seek. Strictly speaking, it is a “full of thrills” trip – the one that demands thorough preparation and experience. Still, it is an arduous and delightful journey, consisting of many highlights, tragedies, terrains and colours – a must-do.

One of the special places along the way is Derba Springs, nestled away from the Sand Dunes amongst beautiful gum trees, it is a top spot to explore.

Atagalong Tours runs the whole length of the Canning stock route, taking you to all the special places along the way including Wolf Creek Crater, you may be surprised and even able to have a swim along the way!

Anne Beadell Highway

Named by surveyor Len Beadell after his wife, the Anne Beadell Highway is a popular dirt track, which runs from the underground town of Coober Pedy (South Australia) to Laverton (Western Australia). The track is around 400 km north of the Eyre Highway and goes through the Great Victoria Desert.

Running through the Goldfields-Esperance region in Western Australia and the outback in South Australia, the Anne Beadell Highway is 1,340 km (830 mi) long and is the only direct link from Coober Pedy to Western Australia. It is the so-called Bomb Roads, covering some of the most thrilling desert areas that straddle the Western/South Australian border.

Although there are no towns between Coober Pedy and Laverton, Ilkurlka is the most remote roadhouse in Australia, operating as a stopover for limited supplies including fuel. The track will also let you explore the outback of the Great Victoria Desert. The best time to be on the Anne Beadell Highway is April to October when Australian summers are at their peak and night time temperatures are dropping well below freezing.

In the 1950s and 1960s, the road was built by the Gunbarrel Construction Party. This was needed by the British Atomic Bomb project as the Cold War intensified.  Len Beadell was responsible for opening up the “Out back” surveying sites for infrastructure for nuclear weapons tests in the Emu and Maralinga areas. Rockets were test fired out of the Woomera area, those rockets needed to be tracked, tracks were required for this important work. Today, the track is in part still used by the Australian Defence Force, its not seen a grader since it was pushed through. It is a great adventure to drive, keep in mind that a well-equipped Four-Wheel Drive Vehicle with Low Range is a must.

4WD Touring Australia– Experience the rare

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