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By Warren Sprigg

Madigan Line North Simpson Desert tours: Cross the world’s largest parallel sand dune desert


Are you planning a trip to the iconic Simpson Desert? Want to explore its famous bright red sand dunes, historic sites and rich biodiversity? Then this is the ultimate guide to 4X4 guided tours. Here’s everything you need to know about Simpson Desert tours.

About the Simpson Desert

Stretching across three Australian States and Territories, the Simpson Desert is located in the far north of South Australia. It contains the world’s longest parallel sand dunes that are static and held in position by vegetation. They can vary in height from 3 metres in the west to around 30 metres in the east.

The Simpson Desert occupies around 176,500 square kilometres of Central Australia with an average annual rainfall less than 200mm. The desert is underlain by the Great Artesian Basin, from which the water rises to the surface at different locations, including Dalhousie Springs. Also, there are several tracks that were made during the 1960s and 1970s seismic surveys. They include the French Line, the Rig Road, WAA line and the QAA Line.

The feeling of crossing hundreds of kilometres of the Simpson Desert is just mind-blowing. Honestly speaking, this trip will leave you with a greater appreciation of the desert environment. Here is your chance to join us on an adventure to the Simpson Desert!

Simpson Desert tours.


Simpson Desert tours

The Simpson Desert has always been the realm of the 4WD enthusiast. Only a handful of operators has the knowledge, equipment required to take people into this vast wilderness full of sand dunes!

Atagalong Tours is one of the few tour guides taking people through the tough terrains of the Simpson Desert. With advanced equipment, skilled guides the Simpson Desert is now within the reach for those who don’t want to travel alone. Come tour with us in your 4X4, we have your back with our support vehicles.

About the Madigan line north Simpson Desert tour.

It’s a 10-day expedition that allows you to travel from Marree South Australia to Charleville in Queensland via the Madigan Line. Have a meet-and-greet meal in the town of Marree and then travel to Oodnadatta, along the way there is many sights to see along the old Ghan railway line. You will visit Dalhousie Springs for a swim in the natural warm spring water, have a refreshing cold drink at Mount Dare before we run up Binns track to Old Andado Station. This is where the real excitement begins as we head into the desert following Dr Madigan’s line across the desert as we then cross into Adria Downs station in Queensland.

Once on the QAA line it’s the “Big Red” sand dune then Birdsville where you will spend a night at the Caravan Park. After setting up your camp we will visit the Birdsville hotel to enjoy a quiet beverage in this famous hotel before sitting down for a meal.

You will enjoy 4WD touring in the Australia outback, you will visit some of the most stunning desert scenery including water holes, rock holes, you will camp on the iconic Coopers Creek as well. We travel through Quilpie, Windorah before completing the trip in Charleville Queensland.

No one does it quite like us! In 1962 Dr Reg Sprigg and family were the first to cross the Simpson Desert in a motorised vehicle, the Sprigg family also had support vehicles dropping supplies etc. along the way during their historical trip. Warren Sprigg also follows in his ancestor’s footsteps by enjoying this part of the Australian outback. Warren has been crossing the desert for more than two decades gaining a lot of experience while having a lot of fun. If you are a true four-wheel drive enthusiast who wants to enjoy 4WD touring in Australia, this can be your once-in-a-lifetime trip to the Simpson Desert. So, what are you waiting for?

Get ready for Simpson Desert tours.