Atagalong Tours Terms and Conditions

Please read the following Terms and Conditions before Booking a Tour with us.

Terms & Conditions

1/. Booking a Tour

By Confirming a Booking, you and any other Party you are booking on behalf for, are bound by this Agreement. This Agreement is comprised of 

1/. These Standard Terms and Conditions 

2/. The Booking Confirmation. 

2/. Booking

Your Booking with Atagalong Tours is confirmed when,
You have made the Booking,
You have completed all the information required.
Your Deposit has been paid according to the following Terms and Conditions. 

3/. Inclusions

All Advertised inclusions on our Website at the Time and Date of your Booking. 

4/. Special requirements

Please talk to us about any special requirements you may have prior to Booking, unfortunately, we may not be, in the position to support all requests. We will pass on any special requests to any of our Third Party Partners but cannot guarantee that they will be met in all instances. 

5/. Insurance – On private Accommodated and Catered Tours only

We require you to take out Travel Insurance at the time of your Booking due to the cancellation costs should you not be able to complete a Tour. 

6/. Payment

The Fee for your Tour is the amount Advertised on our Website and is per Vehicle with One or Two Occupants.  

Our tours are small group tours. It is our aim not to have more than eight vehicles on any extended tour
at Atagalong Tours

Tour Numbers

Please note the information below:

The deserts of Australia are wonderful places to explore and meet new like minded friends, we take our time allowing you to enjoy the trip along with the environment that surrounds you. Time is available to take a picture, take a walk, or just sit and relax.

Our tours are small group tours, we aim for only eight vehicles including your tour leaders vehicle on any extended tour. This means we have, minimum environmental impact on the landscape, maximum enjoyment outcome for our guests!

Towing: Pending the tour; you will have read that we only accept camper trailers that are built for Australian Conditions. Personally I have seen many abandoned camper trailers on my travels. Nearly always, it is a chassis or suspension failure that cause the owners to abandon them, spoiling their adventure and causing the loss of a financial asset. The cost of any outback recovery is substantial, in many cases more than the value of the camper itself.

Recovery insurance for your vehicle and camper is highly recommended.
Always allow for weather events in your time schedules.
Weather events can cause trip routes along with schedules to be altered.

Minimum numbers apply to run tours.

Cheers, Warren.

Tour Preparation Checklist

First of all

Your trip enjoyment starts and ends with your preparation, we are remote Outback travelling. You must be self-reliant. 

Vehicle weight

When making up your packing list be mindful of your vehicles GVM as per the manufacturers plaque on your vehicle. You will be surprised how quickly your weight increases. Talk to your 4×4 expert regarding your specific vehicle and the anticipated load your vehicle will carry. 

Please note most 4×4 Experts or Specialists are more knowledgeable than an everyday local car mechanic. 

Fuel requirements

In our vehicles we have installed long range fuel tanks whilst maintaining the original main 90 litre tank. 170 litre plus long-range fuel tanks are recommended, how ever; Jerry cans work as well! Please review and understand the following examples:  

Larger V8 diesel vehicles: Carry at least 260 litres depending on your vehicle. Calculated on 900k trip at 22 litres per 100 k’s travelled is 198 litres plus a safety margin. 

Petrol Vehicles: Carry at least 300 litres depending on your vehicle. Calculated on 900k at up to 30 litres per 100 k’s travelled is 270 litres plus a safety margin. 

Understand your vehicles fuel consumption when loaded. Travelling on sand tracks with deflated tyre pressures will increase your fuel burn. Towing a camper (pending the trip) will increase your fuel burn even more. This is really really important as recoveries cost a lot of money. 

Vehicle Preparation

Your vehicle must be well equipped and up to the trip and the terrain, vehicle suspension is so important. A pre-trip inspection carried out by a reputable 4×4 specialist is essential. Roof racks are notorious for breaking, if using one please ensure its a heavy duty Aussie built rack, not a cheap imported one.  A permanently fitted working UHF radio is mandatory equipment on our tours. Please also review our suggested list of spare parts to be carried.

Important Considerations on Recovery Gear / Spare Parts

Mounted UHF Radio with external Aerial GPS with appropriate maps or paper maps.
All Terrain Tyres with 60% tread plus two spare tyres on rims (if possible).
Tyre Puncture Repair Kit
Rated Front and Rear Recovery Points
Rated Snatch Strap
Rated Bow Shackles
Recovery Boards x 2
Air Compressor and Tyre Pressure Gauge
Duel Batteries are really important to run Fridges , Compressors etc.
Fire Extinguishers x 2 – pending the size of the Extinguisher

Spare Parts

Fan Belts
Top and bottom Radiator Hoses
Radiator Stop leak
Radiator Hose repair Tape
Air and Fuel Filters
Engine Oil
Brake Fluid
Spare Electrical Fuses
Basic Tool Kit for your specific Vehicle

Tour Preparations Personal Hygiene for the Environment's sake.

Tread Lightly, Bush Toilet Etiquette 

1/. Dig a 300 mm hole, it is not that hard.
2/. Do your business.
3/. Burn all of the toilet paper, it takes years to decompose.
4/. Fill in the hole.

5/. Wash your hands 

Baby Wipes are a great way to keep clean and they can be burnt in the Fire each night. Even better take them out with you and dispose of them in the appropriate way. Did you know, Dingoes dig up what we bury, no one likes seeing Toilet Paper blowing across pristine Landscapes. 

PLEASE FOLLOW THESE SIMPLE RULES, for the Environment’s sake!

Covid 19

Covid vaccination is not a requirement, great if you are,  as we all are.

Masks and social distancing as per State and Territory Laws, may apply and must be adhered to as requested by Health Authorities. We request you carry masks and have Hand Sanitizer with you. You must not have any Flu like Symptoms, otherwise you will not be able to travel on the tour, full refunds do apply.

Conditions Pending: Upon any Chief Public Health Officer’s advice. 

Tour Preparations, Suggestions on your Camping Equipment requirements

Off Road Camper / Small Hybrid Caravan
Roof Top Tent 
Swag or Tent
Warm Sleeping Bag
Cooking Equipment 
Cups & Mugs
Cutlery etc. 
Dish washing requirements
Food and Water for Three Days longer than the Tour duration.
Night Lighting 
Clothing that’s appropriate for warm Days and cold Nights.
Portable Toilet Seats and Privacy Tents are great.                                                         

Carry at Least 20 Litres for your Car’s Radiator.
Personal Water consumption varies, I always allow for 8 Litres per Person per day, Drinking Water and for Washing. 
Showers are not recommended due to the volume of Water required, plus the Environmental damage Soap can cause. 


Fire Wood:
Firewood cannot be collected on the Canning Stock Route.
No Firewood can be collected in S.A Desert State Parks. 
Chain Saws are banned in S.A Desert Parks. 
Fines Apply.
We all love a warm Camp Fire to sit around at night.
Please Carry at least One Bag of Red Gum Firewood per Vehicle.


Please Note:
No Pets
No Firearms
On any Tour.

Insurance - Vehicle recovery

Atagalong Tours highly recommend recovery Insurance for peace of mind. Vehicle recovery is extremely expensive. 

How do I make a booking?

Please call us, a one on one conversation is really welcomed. Email directly on or send us an enquiry via the contact us Form. Alternatively, you can simply book online here.