Anne Beadell Highway, Kalgoorlie W.A. to Coober Pedy S.A

Cost $4,050.00 per Vehicle with Two Occupants.

Difficulty rating: Medium when Dry.

Duration: 9 Days pending track conditions, it may take a little longer if it rains.

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Included in tour fees

  • All Aboriginal Lands Permit and Fee’s.
  • Camp site in Cooper Pedy, non-powered
  • Meet and greet meal in Cooper Pedy.
  • Camp site in Kalgoorlie, non-powered.
  • Tour celebration meal in Kalgoorlie.
  • Experienced Tour Guide and Support Vehicle.
  • Driver Training and Support.
  • First Aid certified Tour Leader.
  • First Aid kit includes a Blood Pressure Machine and Defibrillator.
  • Sat Phone for emergency use only.
  • Mechanical / Electrical Support.

Tour Exclusions

  • Vehicle, Fuel and Equipment.
  • Camping Equipment.
  • Food and Beverages.
  • Private Accommodation.
  • Alcohol will not be supplied.

Post Second World War, the beginning of the Cold War! This is when our last true Aussie Explorer Len Beadell was tasked with the job of pushing through tracks though out the outback to support Britons rocket and atomic programs.

Len Beadell and the Gun Barrel Construction party crew were responsible for building the Anne Beadell Highway and many others like the Connie Sue, Gary Highway and Gun Barrel Highway’s just to name a few. Len and his team opened up the Australian Outback over many years of dedicated work.

We visit the Emu atomic test sites for an exciting step back into yester year’s Cold War History.

From Coober Pedy we travel through Maralinga Tjarata Lands, Mamungari Conservation Park, Great Victoria Desert, Neal Junction Reserve, Yeo Lake Nature Reserve to Laverton W.A on some of Australia’s most remote and iconic tracks.

“Go slow is the go” as we head west! corrugations! well just a few but we’re not in a race! We will meander along the track stopping for a day at the Serpentine Lakes for some time out of the vehicles. This is “Gold” as the country is magnificent “The Great Victoria Desert“ this is one of my favorite places to travel through. Relax, take a walk, get the camera out for morning and sunset photo opportunities, simply soak in the Out Back. It’s a great area to chill out.

We travel on to Ilkurlka Road House, this has to be the remotest road house in Australia these days! We can fire up the donkey boiler for hot showers. Fuel’s and limited supplies are available for purchase.

There is an Air Craft wreck to investigate for those that are interested as we continue West, we pass through Neale Junction (Connie Sue Highway intersection) and onto Yeo out station.

Laverton, Leonora, Menzies and out to Lake Ballard to view the art works before our trip concludes in Kalgoorlie. So much to see and do from here. Esperance and the coastline is spectacular if your time permits to continue exploring Western Australia.

Fuel: Diesel and Petrol are available at Coober Pedy, Ilkurlka, Laverton W.A. Carry enough Fuel for 900 k’s of desert travel on this trip, plus reserves. Please do your math’s on your Fuel Burn carefully, especially if towing. Atagalong Tours or its Operators do not carry spare fuel. Note: Fuel is very expensive at Ilkurlka.




Tough Australian built off road campers will only be accepted. For example Tvans, Cub Campers, Ultimate Campers, Pioneer, Patriot Campers, AOR Campers etc.

On this Adventure your tour guide is:

Warren Sprigg
Warren Sprigg

Special Note.

Minimum numbers are required to run this trip.

This is a bush camping tour.

No Supplies are available between Coober Pedy S.A and Ilkurlka W.A, Ilkurlka and Laverton W.A.

Please note: The Department of Defence can change the entry period of the exclusion zone on the Anne Beadell from time to time. At the time of posting this trip no exclusion had been posted by the Department of Defence.

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