Canning Stock Route Tour, Alice Springs N.T. to Kalgoorlie W.A

Cost: $7900.00 per Vehicle with Two Occupants.

Difficulty rating: Hard.

Duration: 18 Days pending track conditions, it may take a little longer if it rains.



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Included in Tour Fees

  • Meet and greet meal in Kalgoorlie.
  • Camp site in Kalgoorlie, non powered.
  • Camp site in Alice Springs, non powered.
  • Celebration meal in Alice Springs.
  • Canning stock route permit.
  • Experienced Tour Guide and Support Vehicle.
  • Driver Training Support.
  • First Aid certified Tour Leader.
  • First Aid Kit includes a Blood Pressure Machine and Defibrillator.
  • Sat Phone for emergency use only.
  • Mechanical / Electrical Support.

Tour Exclusions

  • Vehicle, Fuel and Equipment.
  • Camping Equipment.
  • Food and Beverages.
  • Private Accommodation.
  • Alcohol will not be supplied.


Mr. Alfred Canning first surveyed the Stock Route in 1905. Construction of the wells along the route taken, began in 1908. Steeped in history this is the longest Stock Route in the World at 1850 k’s. It’s also one of the best Australian desert trips available; a must do Adventure. We follow Alfred Canning’s wells from the North Pool just out of Wiluna through to well fifty one. 

You will see some spectacular sights along the way, as we meander from south to north. Be prepared for a few thousand corrugations on this trip, I prefer to take it easy and enjoy the scenery rather than belting along. Expect early rises and long days in your vehicle every day on this tour, it’s a long way over some harsh relentless terrain.  

We will stop and rest up at the beautiful Derba Springs camp ground so you can explore this wonderful desert oasis and have a break out of the vehicle for a day. 

Kunawaritji Community: Well 33.                                                                                  

 A chance to top up on fuel and limited supplies. This is the crossroad intersection of the Canning and Gary Highway. Head west to Marble Bar, east to Alice Springs. 

Sunset over Lake Disappointment is an experience that one will never forget, we will also visit Godfrey Tank and Breadon Pool, and for our very last night we will stop on a water hole in the middle of the desert just shy of Bililuna. 

Whilst this may be the closing of the Canning adventure we will still visit Wolf Creek crater before re stocking with groceries and fuel etc. in Halls Creek. Then the run down the Tanami Desert road to Alice Springs where the trip will conclude. Showers at the local caravan park then we will enjoy a celebration meal together. unfortunately here, we say our farewells, however, there is much to see in the area stay awhile and look around.

Fuel: Diesel and Petrol, Available at Kalgoorlie, Wiluna, Kunawarritja Community, Billiluna, Halls Creek, also available on the run down the Tanami.  



Only very experienced drivers with the appropriately fitted out vehicles e.g., V8 Land Cruisers with tough Australian built off road Campers will only be accepted. For example Tvans, Ultimate Campers, etc.

Note: You must talk to Warren before booking this trip should you want to tow. You will be turned away from starting this trip if you have not registered a tow unit.


On this Adventure your tour guide is:

Warren Sprigg
Warren Sprigg

Special Note.

Minimum numbers are required to run this trip.

This is a bush camping tour. Warning this track is difficult to traverse due to the corrugations and length, it is not for the fainthearted.  No supplies are available between Wiluna, Kunawaritji and Billiluna. Your vehicle must be extremely well prepared. Always allow for extra time in your schedule for delays. Firewood collection is banned so please bring along a pack of wood.

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